Illegal Sniff & Seizure?

The Supreme Court has yet to decide if drug-sniffing dogs can go door to door sniffing for more than Halloween treats.  But the justices have said yes to dogs at traffic stops that turn into drug stops, over-ruling a Florida Supreme Court decision. A dog named Aldo was at a traffic stop.  The police officer used Aldo’s signal as probable cause to search the vehicle, which revealed meth lab paraphernalia.  The Florida Supreme Court had ruled that this was an illegal sniff and seizure, based on the spotty qualifications of Aldo—was Aldo properly trained to sit, stay, and sniff for methamphetamines, and what was his margin of error?  The Supreme Court justices, however sided with the dog. Read More

Cinderella & the Suppression of Evidence

Prince Charming had a whole wardrobe full of fabulous ball gowns, but his father, the King, insisted on him wearing the masculine cut of a suit—black pants, black tie, black shoes…Boring, boring, boring thought the Prince.  He would have preferred a warm chiffon graced with a diamond tiara.  His father preferred that he give the tiara to an eligible young lady. No one of any class accepted the invitation to the Prince’s ball.  The Wicked Stepmother came with the two Ugly Stepsisters and the Prince thought he would be bored all evening, for none of the town’s bachelors were on the list.  Then in walked this little thing, surely dressed by a fairy godmother, right down to the delicious glass slippers.  She was everything Prince Charming wanted—same waist size, shoulders, and inseam.  She was his exact match in every way, and he loved her instantly, more for her attire than anything. “I must have your dress,” the Prince whispered as they were dancing, but Cinderella escaped his grasp and fled from his unwanted advances on her clothes.  In her haste, however, she left behind one of her shoes.  The Prince took the glass slipper and put it on his own […] Read More