The good news:  the top 10 foreclosure beach towns cited by Realty Trac this month include only two Florida cities, and neither of them is in northeast Florida. The other news:  St. Johns County has increased intensity on the June Foreclosure Rate Heat Map, coming close to the level of neighboring Clay County, where one in every 298 housing units is in foreclosure.  (That is good news if you are looking to buy foreclosed properties, but bad news if you are looking at a lis pendens.) No matter where you are on the map, if you are facing foreclosure, competent legal counsel may be able to relieve distress.  There are a number of legal options available, depending on where you are in the process.  A good foreclosure defense attorney can help you evaluate your situation and which option will bring you the best benefit. Sometimes there are no solutions, and sometimes just knowing what could happen next in the legal process can help you prepare and deal with outcomes as they occur. Read More