Fashion Week starts this week in New York, and with identity theft trending, someone else could be masquerading in your good credit, compromising your purchasing power. Credit determines your ability to buy items like a house, a car, a student loan.  Bad credit can limit your ability to get more credit, and it can raise the cost of a loan (the interest rate) and lower your chances to get the loan in the first place.  Bad credit is not a place you want to be, especially if you did not get to enjoy any of the things charged to your account along the way! The Department of Justice has a pneumonic to help you avoid becoming the victim of identity theft: SCAM. S is for “Stingy.”  Be stingy about giving out your personal and financial information. C is for “Check.”  Check your accounts regularly. A is for “Ask.”  Ask for your free credit report once a year (see below). M is for “Maintain.”  Maintain good records of your banking and financial information.  You should know what should be in there…and what should not. If you want to monitor Tommy Hilfiger, you can watch Fashion Week live online at If […] Read More