Attention Veterans: Pension Poaching Scam

Yes, sadly even our Veterans get scammed.  Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater warns on his website ( against scammers who try to convince Veterans to purchase unnecessary products or transfer pension funds to an annuity or trust that supposedly “will enable” the veteran to qualify for additional pension assistance or enhancement, but which may do just the opposite. Consider carefully any changes to your pension.  You can research veteran’s benefits on your own for free or at no cost from any party accredited through the US Department of Veterans Affairs.  Also, you can check the valid license status of anyone assisting you in financial services through an online search with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation at  Again, Florida’s CFO gives the reminder:  “No one accredited through the VA is allowed to charge you for their services.” Thanks to those who have served in the US military.     Read More

Defenses at the Eleventh Hour

President Woodrow Wilson set aside the eleventh day of the eleventh month as a holiday not because he nearly missed fitting the commemoration into the year, but because of that date’s historical significance.  Fighting stopped on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 to end World War I.  What was originally known as Armistice Day we now celebrate as Veterans’ Day, honoring those who serve in the US armed forces. Sometimes I get cases in the eleventh hour.  Nobody wants to call an attorney unless they really need one…and for some people, it is a longer journey to that moment of clarity. The sooner you realize you are in trouble, the sooner you can work towards a resolution.  With many legal matters, such as foreclosure defense, the earlier you address the problem, the more options you have to deal with it.  Preferably Homeowners seek legal counsel before they are in default. A late defense can be better than no defense.  Many of the lenders are not used to being challenged.  Most home foreclosures go through uncontested and the lender never has to prove his case, but if you put up a foreclosure defense, you […] Read More