Tips to Avoid Debt

Weird Al Yankovic has a new album, and was releasing one song a day to promote it.  Weird Al is a vegan.  Makes you wonder where does he get all that energy without eating meat?  It is like that mysterious debt that piles up out of nowhere. From medical hardships to mortgages, to student loans and auto loans, credit cards, gym memberships, and phone contracts—debt adds up to subtract from your bank balance.  Here are some tips from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to save yourself: Make a budget.  Let this free online budget calculator to help you balance your monthly expenses with your monthly income: Pay yourself.  Set money aside to go into a savings account or investment at regular intervals.  You may be able to arrange an automatic withdrawal from your checking account or divert part of your payroll direct deposit.  What you do not see in your wallet may make a nice bonus for you later. Keep it going.  If you get a raise at work, divert that added income into a savings account, or if you pay off a car, keep up the payments but into your own account. Debt and taxes are a part […] Read More

Suits Happen

My band, OE-2-KB (Old Enough-2-Know Better) does a Weird Al Yankovic song called “I’ll Sue Ya.” (I sing it.)  “I’ll Sue Ya” is not on our playlist, but we do it by request…sometimes that is how lawsuits happen. For $400 anybody can sue anybody for anything (just about).  Just because you get sued is not necessarily a bad reflection on you; it could be the stupidity of the plaintiff.  However, whether or not the plaintiff is stupid (or lying), legal representation can help you present your case for the best possible outcome. Competent legal representation can help defend against stupidity, ignorance, and dishonesty.  Despite the invalidity of the case, a good legal defense can help you assert your rights properly.   Read More

Celebrity Contract Addenda

It is the little things in life and contracts that can really count.  Just because something appears in a Contract Addendum does not mean you can ignore it.  Contract Addenda are sometimes put in just to make sure you are paying attention.  Celebrities have some interesting Contract Addenda: Van Halen had a prohibition on brown M&M’s. Metallica had a 26 page Contract Addendum about security and power requirements, the certain things that people at the venue had to supply for their shows. Weird Al Yankovic had a Contract Addendum for NO Dasani water and everything strictly vegan. Carrot Top had a Contract Addendum detailing his 15-minute long finale and what happens when. Similarly, Jeff Dunham has a what-happens-when in his Contract Addendum. David Copperfield has a Confidentiality Agreement. Penn & Teller have a Contract Agreement that describes certain tricks, like juggling torches and their fire requirement…and if Penn is burning to extinguish the flames on him. In Contract terms, the big print giveth and the small print taketh away.  If you cannot read or understand the terms of a Contract or its Addendum, seek competent legal representation who can, and who will explain them to you. Read More