Your voter’s registration is good for more than just jury duty.  It enables you to help determine who sits on the bench.  There are fifteen Appeals Court Judges and three Florida Supreme Court Justices coming up for merit retention…where the vote is in your court.

Appeals Court Judges get into office via gubernatorial appointment; however, they have to go through periodic merit retention with the voters to remain on the bench.  Four Appeals Court Judges are on the 2012 ballot in the First District Court of Appeals, which covers Duval, Nassau, and Clay Counties.

There are no Appeals Court Judges from the Fifth District Court of Appeals (DCA) due for merit retention.  That means St. Johns, Flagler, and Putnam Counties (among others) only have to be concerned with the three Florida Supreme Court Justices due for statewide majority appeal or rejection.

So who are these judicial merit people on the ballot?  It is illegal for a political party or partisan political organization to endorse, support or assist any candidate in a campaign for election to judicial office; however, the Florida Bar has a campaign to educate Florida voters.  Go to for candidate profiles and to find out more about the Florida court system.

Do not get lost in the election…it is not all about the President.

Primary Election:  Tuesday, August 14, 2012

General Election:  Tuesday, November 6, 2012


May the best man / woman be benched!