If you have been served a foreclosure summons, wake up!  The fall time change may have granted you one extra hour, but you only have 20 calendar days to make a proper response.

You may need more time to get your act together, to meet with an attorney, to review your legal options, to let your short sale go through.  Motion for Enlargement of Time is a common filing in Foreclosure Defense, and gives you that opportunity to regroup and address this as a legal matter and not just a financial debacle. 

Time is a side-effect of a Foreclosure Defense.  While the legal defense addresses the litigation issues of your case, you have the opportunity to pursue an alternative to foreclosure, such as a short sale of your property.  The idea is to reach an outcome of best benefit to you before the lender can complete their case against you.

A Foreclosure Defense cannot change time, but it can change what happens in the end.