If I could predict the outcome of trials, then I would quit being a lawyer and go play Lotto.  While no one cannot forecast what is going to happen in a home foreclosure case, a legal defense gives you possible outcomes, and alternative routes to pursue.

You can dress up in a scary costume, but chances are, you are not going to frighten off the process server.  If your house is haunted by foreclosure, the best you can do is seek the optimal benefit for you and your family.

There are no free houses. Foreclosure defense is not about “winning” your case, but mitigating your loss.  Sometimes there are no solutions.  Sometimes “solutions” do not work.  The same argument that works in one courtroom, may not affect the same outcome in front of a different judge.

Foreclosure defense, however, gives you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your financial future.  Though you cannot predict what is going to happen in a legal procedure, you know what the possibilities are, and the options you have to handle them.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!