Homeowner sapiens may be endangered.  Just because you qualified for the loan and you bought the house does not mean you can afford to keep your dwelling.  Property value has dropped while unemployment has risen, making shelter more challenging for the American Dream species.  While there is plenty of habitat for Homeowner sapiens, fewer of this breed have the resources for it.

Many of the species are ditching their tale of debt balance in a Short Sale, and evolving into Renter sapiens.  This bi-pedal approach to walking upright away from negative equity usually puts the hominoid organism in a better credit position faster than if the foreclosure completes its life cycle within its human host.

While cave dwelling has not been considered haute culture since Lascaux, rentals are better than night after night after night under the stars…especially when the stars are soggy.  If the outdoor life does not appeal to you, then do not play with matches in a mobile home…and seek alternative solutions to a home foreclosure.

Foreclosure Defense lays out the legal landscape of options and possible outcomes, giving large-brained hominids tools to decide what is best for their survival, and the benefit of their offspring.