No one is you-er than you.  Be vigilant and monitor your personal information; check your bank statements and credit card bills.  Signs of Identity Theft include the following:

  • Unexpected withdrawals on your bank statement
  • Strange new account on your credit report
  • Calls from debt collectors about debts that are not yours
  • Unexpected bills
  • Bills you expect stop coming 

Take action right away to stop impersonators.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offers four steps you should take immediately if you are the victim of Identity Theft: 

1. Place a fraud alert on your credit reports, and review your credit reports.

2. Close the accounts that you know, or believe, have been tampered with or opened fraudulently.

3. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

4. File a report with your local police or the police in the community where the identity theft took place.

Know the signs of Identity Theft and Take Action right away.