Christmas comes but once a year…your credit card bill is monthly.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases may accrue interest before the gifts are opened.  Situations happen—medical hardships, job loss, divorce, loss of income, and Christmas—which can affect good bill-paying practices and damage your credit.  The thing is, you can fix it.  If you can talk, text, and chew gum, you can fix your credit score.  

For general tips on do-it-yourself credit repair (for free), visit the Federal Trade Commission website at  

And if you are looking to buy a house (even if you have just lost a house to foreclosure), there are local credit counseling programs available that review the problems on your credit report and will help you make a plan to fix those issues.  Visit the St. Johns County Housing and Community Services website at (click on “Housing & Community Services”) and the St. Johns Housing Partnership website at for more information.