The Double Tap and Beware of Bathrooms are a couple of survival rules from the Zombieland movie.  While you are waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse to carry away unwanted relatives, do not lose your head to Zombie Debt.

Zombies are generally slow, but relentless, like debts that do not realize they are dead.  People are victimized by Zombie Debt simply because they do not know any better.

Once upon a time in 2007, a bank foreclosed on a property, the Foreclosure Judgment was entered, but the foreclosure sale got cancelled.  The debt was signed to another company, which started suing on it in 2013, after the Statute of Limitations had already run on it.  Furthermore, the Note and Mortgage merged into that Foreclosure Judgment.  The Note and Mortgage no longer exist; only the Foreclosure Judgment exists.

Though the debt has been dead for a while, it does not realize it is dead and is back in court.   

There are business models for going after Zombie Debt—make more money than they lose.  Those companies pursuing Zombie Debt do not expect every case to pay off, but they employ zombie strategy of menace in numbers to make more profits than losses.  Zombie debt works because people do not know.

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